Holiday Preparation

Date: 01/11/2016

Author: Ingrid Katz (Pure Aesthetics)

As we blaze into the Festive Season, we at Pure Aesthetics understand just how difficult it can be to “keep up appearances”; if you’ve ever watched the BBC series of this comedy show, Mrs Bucket (pronounced Bouquet, lady of the house) has a really hard time of it....

The end of the year brings a wonderful and sometime little frenetic wind down to the closing of a year, but more pressing are those jolly end of year functions that seem to never end!

These take a toll on eating, sleeping, drinking, exercise and working habits, which all play a role in making us look a little less ourselves and more run down.

Fear not, we have some quick fixes for home and in clinic to help you through:

  • The Pure Signature Facial combines a peel and collagen replacement therapy for the face, to revive, rejuvenate and replenish the skin, leaving it glowing and refreshed. It takes just 1 hour and you will leave with very happy skin.
  • The Pure Glo IV drip will treat the body from within, providing a supplementation of vitamins to boost the body and in turn skin, counteracting the negative effects of ageing 
  • Our Permanent Make-Up offers the latest in eyebrows with the popular Micro Blading technique. We do eyeliner and lips as well, which makes getting ready for all those social functions so much easier and much quicker!
  • MD Lash Eye Lash stimulator and growth enhancer will have you fluttering luscious lashes in as little as 6 weeks. Add a bit of mascara to these beauties and you’ll be the envy of most women.
  • Laser Hair Removal will ensure the body is beach ready with no worry of ingrown hairs, dark shadows and quick regrowth.
  • The QMS Activator Mask can be used at home for an instant radiant glow to the skin and will ensure your make-up hold a little longer.
  • The Dermaceutic Tri Vita C Serum has a maximum dosage of Vitamin C (30%!) to counter the negative effects of exposure to smoke, a few glasses of wine and less sleep.
  • The Optiphi HA Serum is a boost of Hyaluronic Acid (aka, pure moisture), which will ensure the skin looks and feels soft and dewy for a quick pick me up.

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