Pure Aesthetics offers clients a comprehensive solution to skin health. With emphasis on clinical skincare, we are dedicated to helping our clients reveal healthy, youthful and glowing skin.

We work closely with a registered medical practitioner to ensure that all treatments offered are medically safe and appropriate. Our variety of non-invasive, results-driven treatments are suitable for treating a variety of skin concerns.

Every person's skin is different, so we recommend that you meet with our therapist or plastic surgeon for an in-depth consultation to map out your customised skin care needs.

  • Lockdown Level 3 Notice
  • Buy 3 products get 1 free, plus complimentary peel - June 20
  • Dermapen 4 launch & special - June & July 20
  • IV Vitamin Therapy special - June & July 20
  • Optiphi Shaving System Fathers' Day

Dermapen 4 launch & special - June & July 20
3 + 1 product offer PLUS complimentary peel - June 20
IV vitamin therapy special - June & July '20