Tattoo Removal

Non-surgical Tattoo Removal

We offer tattoo removal through an outside service provider who uses a system called 123 Tattoo Free. Whilst this treatment can eliminate the pigment from the tattoo it is important to understand that there will be underlying damage to the skin caused by the tattooing process. This means that there will be some form of scarring left behind.

The appearance of this scar will be dependent on how deep the tattoo artist has worked into the skin. Clients are required to come in for 3 treatments at 4 week intervals for best results. Each client will be assessed beforehand to determine if the area is treatable.

If the non-surgical option is not possible, we can refer you to a trusted Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon for surgical options.


We are open until 5pm on Saturdays.

Late appointments during the week (until 7pm) are available on request.

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