Dermaceutic Cosmo Peel Forte

The Dermaceutic Cosmo Peel Forte provides a deeper peel approach that is both safe and less painful than other deep peels.

The formulation allows for superficial, medium & deep penetrating active ingredients transforming the dermis & epidermis, making it suitable for aged, sun damaged, thin & wrinkled skin.

The treatment allows for an individualised protocol in order to customise depth and results. 1-2 treatments are recommended at an 8 week interval. Downtime will occur as the skin becomes darker where pigment collects in the epidermis and peels away thereafter. A strict homecare protocol is necessary to allow for optimal results. This treatment is not suitable for darker skins (skin types 4 & 5).

  • Peel depth: Medium to deep
  • Duration: 30 minutes
  • Social downtime: up to 10 days (darkening of skin and peeling will occur during this time)

cosmo peel forte


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