L.M. Writes...

"I have had generally bad skin since my teens. By bad skin I mean permanent breakouts which I thought would disappear as I got into my twenties. Unfortunately the problem persisted – I tried everything from over the counter products to taking medication from a dermatologist which worked for a little while then stopped.

I was introduced to Ingrid by a friend. Although despondent, I decided to give it a bash. Boy am I grateful! With my problematic skin, I was put on the Dermaceutic peels – once a month for about 8 months now. The condition of my skin has dramatically changed. I no longer get break outs – my skin is totally clear and the dark marks from my acne are slowly diminishing. I have received very positive feedback from my friends, family and colleagues.

I recently saw my before pictures and firstly, I was shocked that my skin was actually that bad and secondly, I am proud of how far we have come. Ingrid is a consummate professional who absolutely takes pride in her work. I was sold by her passion and her can-do attitude when I thought I was hopeless. I already recommend Ingrid to everyone who cares to listen."

*Results may vary from person to person and there is no guarantee of specific results.


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