Podcast - Ingrid Katz on Acne

Date: 03/05/2014

Author: Ingrid Katz (Pure Aesthetics)

Ingrid Katz, Director at Pure Aesthetics, speaks about acne to radio host, Kathy Kaler, on the Dischem Medical Monday show on Chai FM.

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Birthday giveaways for you!

Date: 29/03/2014

Author: Ingrid Katz (Pure Aesthetics)

We are turning 2 this month and as a thank you to YOU, our loyal clients, we have some great giveaways and specials for April.

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Lighten those Unwanted Blemishes

Date: 07/01/2014

Author: Ingrid Katz (Pure Aesthetics)

As we all settle into the excitement of a new year and leave behind the memories of our sun and fun filled (hopefully for most of us) holiday break, some of us may start to notice a few darker marks on our faces.

Perhaps our existing marks have just been enhanced by the sun or they're new spots.

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Sun Safety

Date: 31/10/2013

Author: Ingrid Katz (Pure Aesthetics)

South Africa has the 2nd highest incidence of skin cancer in the world, just behind Australia.

With reports of about 20,000 cases and 700 deaths each year, being sun smart is now a matter of saving yourself and your family.

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The Sleep Factor

Date: 01/10/2013

Author: Ingrid Katz (Pure Aesthetics)

Research shows that poor sleepers are perceived to be 4 years older than they actually are!

Chronic sleep deprivation, which is defined as getting less than 6 hours a night, has been linked to obesity, cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, lowered immunity, neurological problems and yes... looking older and most likely feeling it too!

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Dare to de-hair!

Date: 03/09/2013

Author: Ingrid Katz (Pure Aesthetics)

Yay! It's Spring and almost time to start exposing our bodies again, so let's get right to our topic this month: Grooming of our Intimate Bits... for both men and women. 

Read on, you may learn something new, or just have a laugh.

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You are what you eat

Date: 04/08/2013

Author: Ingrid Katz (Pure Aesthetics)

We have all heard the saying "you are what you eat". Whilst it is sometimes difficult to abide by the many clean living rules presented to us, making a few small changes in our diet could make a big difference to our skins and general well-being.

We have made a list of some simple and small tips you could incorporate into your daily living.

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