pH What?

Date: 27/02/2015

Author: Ingrid Katz (Pure Aesthetics)

Exercise regimes, yoga, meditation, life coaching... what we haven't tried to reach the elusive goal of "balance".

But what does balance mean for our skins? Being pH balanced means far more to our skins than we may realise. I'd go as far as to say that being pH balanced is the foundation of skin health.

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2015 aesthetic trends and predictions

Date: 04/02/2015

Author: Elsa Kruger (Longevity LIVE)

The anti-aging industry is a dynamic and innovative one. Although the silver bullet of eternally youthful looks has not yet been discovered, the industry is certainly doing its best to unearth it.

We asked our aesthetic experts to share their top trends and predictions for 2015.

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Treating from within...

Date: 28/01/2015

Author: Ingrid Katz (Pure Aesthetics)

We have spoken before about what we put INTO our bodies and how it effects our health and specifically the health of our skin. Treating from within is a reality for all of us in these modern times.

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New Year... New Me!

Date: 09/01/2015

Author: Ingrid Katz (Pure Aesthetics)

New Year resolutions can be hard to follow. In fact, most resolutions are forgotten about by March. Especially those related to better eating, less drinking and taking better care of yourself. If you are one of the few that manages to stick to yours – we salute you.

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Summer Suncare

Date: 27/11/2014

Author: Ingrid Katz (Pure Aesthetics)

The holidays are fast approaching and soon we'll be heading off into the summer sun. I am going to remind you why NOT to forget your sunscreen and why NOT to forget to reapply it.

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IV infusions – a cocktail of vitamins

Date: 29/10/2014

Author: Ingrid Katz (Pure Aesthetics)

Many of us take supplements in the form of tablets which, like food, need to pass through our digestive tract. Nutrients are absorbed through our intestines and so by the time they reach this part of the body, many important vitamins and minerals are already lost.

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Summer Skin Preparation!

Date: 01/10/2014

Author: Ingrid Katz (Pure Aesthetics)

With the first rains having hit Joburg our skins will have started to go through a transformation towards summer. These are our tips to get your gorgeous on for summer and of course the fast approaching festive season:

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