What to expect from Pure Aesthetics after lockdown

Date: 27/04/2020

Author: Callia Doucas (Pure Aesthetics)

Wow, what a year 2020 has turned out to be. Being closed for more than 5 weeks (so far!) is not something we ever imagined would happen. And lockdown is not the only change we’re adjusting to. Pure Aesthetics has undergone some major other changes too.


But before getting into that, we want to tell you how much we’ve missed you, our clients. Our therapists’ hands are itching to work again.

Touch… how we took that for granted!

We miss hearing from you. We miss our conversations. If you have a minute spare after reading this update, please reply to us to let us know how you’re doing.

Some updates on recent changes at Pure Aesthetics…

  • We sadly bade farewell to Ingrid, who is relocating to the UK. Her husband, Rudolph, was offered an internal work transfer. It’s an opportunity they could not turn down.
  • We decided to relocate our Bedford Centre branch back to Linksfield. This has turned out for the best, especially as lockdown loomed. We now have the caring hands of Samantha at the Linksfield branch.
  • We set up a temporary treatment room at a remote and isolated venue in the Linksfield area. This will be available for treatments after lockdown too in case anyone is uncomfortable about visiting us in a hospital setting.
  • We now offer online consultations via Zoom.
  • For your convenience and to help you practice social distancing, Pure Aesthetics is doing product deliveries. This started before lockdown and will extend afterwards too - possibly as a permanent offering.
  • Exciting news… the Pure Aesthetics Immun-o-Drip is considered an essential service! This is due to its ingredients being scientifically shown to bolster one's immunity; something we all need during this time. We’ve received our CIPC certificate and are allowed to open exclusively to administer these drips during lockdown. You can book your appointment by calling 0114852887 or emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  • Life as we knew it, will not exist after lockdown. It will need to be redefined, and as always, we’ve had to adapt by implementing serious measures to keep you and our colleagues safe. I’ll go into some of those details below.
  • We’ve been training up a storm during lockdown to keep ourselves updated on new research and treatments protocols. We look forward to share some of these learnings with you.

So, what new precautions and processes will we have in place by the time you visit us?

  • Anyone visiting Pure Aesthetics will need to complete an online COVID-19 pre-screening assessment before an appointment can be confirmed. This assessment is in line with the screening performed at all Netcare hospitals before entry to the hospital is granted.
  • Clients are requested to wear a face mask upon entry to the hospital and our rooms; and need to sanitise hands on entry. The same will be expected of our staff.
  • We will book appointments in such a way that there will never be over-crowding in our waiting area. Chairs will be spaced out (some removed) to allow for social distancing. We ask that clients arrive at the rooms no earlier than 5 minutes before their appointments; although you will need to arrive at the hospital about 15 minutes before you appointment, as the screening processes at the hospital entry points can be time consuming.
  • Unnecessary touch points, like magazines and flyers, will be removed.
  • Our therapists will wear masks, face visors and gloves during treatments. Can you visualise the image of a welder doing your treatment? Lol!
  • We will sanitise surfaces and change linen between each client.
  • Our bathroom will be fitted with auto-dispensing soap and hand towels. All reusable towels have been removed from basins.
  • We will sanitise our credit card machine before and after every transaction; and our receptionists will wash their hands after each exposure to cash. You are welcome to use SnapScan for purchases in order to avoid all contact during payments.
  • The rooms will be sanitized daily with surface disinfectant and room spray. We will also do regular fogging of the rooms, according to safety guidelines.

As the status of the pandemic changes, we promise to keep on top of (and hopefully ahead of) all precautions and processes to ensure your safety, while still providing you with an exceptional level of service and experience.

We cannot wait to get back to treating you! As soon as we officially open our doors for regular businesses (remember, we’re already open for Immun-o-Drips), we will inform you of some great specials that we have lined up for you. In the meantime, our April specials still apply for the remainder of the month. Feel free to purchase now and use later, in order to take advantage of the offerings on our specials page.

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