Put some Spring Back Into Your Skin

Date: 01/08/2017

Author: Ingrid Katz (Pure Aesthetics)

The end of winter always has some excitement around it as we think of shedding heavy winter wardrobes and soaking up some spring air.

This is also a time that we notice and are more critical of the effect winter has had on our skins and in particular, our faces. This is the perfect time to assess the damage and make some time to correct this.

Just like those gym memberships start to increase as everyone looks to get summer body ready, so we need to get our skin in shape and put some “spring” back into it!

Any of the skin care treatments that we offer will be great at getting your skin looking refreshed, but one treatment in particular will have a bigger impact than the rest and that is -- the Pixel Peel. This is a combination of Dermapen micro-needling and a medium depth TCA peel. We have spoken about the Pixel Peel before but I would like to highlight some of the positive effects this treatment has on the skin:

  • Combination treatment working on the surface as well as beneath the surface
  • Resurfacing the skin for a smoother texture & more even complexion
  • Re-densifying the underlying structure by stimulating collagen production
  • More hydration and plumping to the skin
  • Glowing & radiant complexion

Spring is the perfect time to have this treatment so that by the time the summer heat comes around, the skin is fully recovered and looking its best.


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