Combination Treatments – Anti Ageing

Date: 01/04/2017

Author: Ingrid Katz (Pure Aesthetics)

The skin is the biggest organ in our body and the face is the one area exposed 24/7, 365 days of the year. It is influenced by both internal and external factors that will affect its appearance. This is why when treating the skin, especially from an anti-ageing perspective, one should always look at a multi- faceted approach.

Our industry has developed some pretty amazing treatment options, but we must remember that just like varying our routine at the gym, we should do the same for the skin. This protocol will allow us to treat the varying layers of the skin in order to stimulate different responses.

Let’s take for example a skin peel. We know we are applying a topical preparation in order to have a resurfacing effect and a better looking skin will result. We also know that even though we aren’t physically working under the surface, we are initiating a response to stimulate processes that take place at this level. With a micro-needling treatment such as Dermapen, we are physically creating channels or pathways into the skin by inserting several very fine needles. This action creates punctures which are at varied controlled depths in order to initiate different responses – from treating pigmentation to anti-aging & oil production.

Added to these treatments, we also have an array of laser treatments that can treat at different depths within the skin – depending on what the skin concern is.

IV therapy is a way of treating the body and skin from within, these vitamins and nutrients will then work their way out to the skin.

Now, take into account that everyone has (or should have) a homecare routine that treats the skin for the concerns effecting it at that time. This routine will likely (and should) vary through one’s life to suit the needs faced over time. A good homecare routine should ultimately support the in-salon treatments or look at maintaining the skin in a balanced way. Similar to us changing our wardrobe to suit the change of seasons, our skin routines should do the same.

My advice to clients is to ensure good homecare and look at “mixing it up” when it comes to in salon treatments. But make sure you do this with an experienced therapist in order not to cause unintended damage to the skin by overstimulating it or performing contra-indicated treatments.

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