Maintaining a youthful bust & décolleté

Date: 29/09/2015

Author: Ingrid Katz (Pure Aesthetics)

As we are fortunate enough to work alongside a plastic & reconstructive surgeon, the bust and décolleté areas are often under much discussion. This beautiful area of a woman’s body is often considered the epitome of femininity and is much celebrated and adorned. But like a woman’s hands, the décolleté can give away our age.

Advances in surgery as well as aesthetics means we have a few options (some surgical and some non-surgical) of treating these areas. A question that we, at Pure Aesthetics, are faced with daily is one around how to improve the appearance of the skin on the bust and décolleté areas.

It is important to remember that whilst we can improve the appearance of the skin, the underlying tissue is still prone to ageing in the form of ghastly gravity taking its toll. In this case, surgery or more invasive treatment is your best solution and will give a more lasting result.

An in-salon peel treatment will do wonders to improving texture, hydration and rejuvenation as well as treating sun damage. This could be included in your monthly facial treatment as a preventative measure and to ensure ongoing maintenance of this area. Laser treatments such as our Limelight Laser (IPL) will directly target the sun damage as well as the underlying vascular network to improve darker pigment spots and redness due to broken capillaries. For homecare, using a product with a high concentration of Retinol will be advisable. Ensuring the skin cells are rejuvenated, kept hydrated and of course protected with an SPF of no less than 50 will ensure the skin in these areas look their best.

We recommend QMS Neck & More for ultimate luxury and hydration, Dermaceutic Dermalift 5.0 for an instant boost to plump the skin and lastly Optiphi Stretchmark Therapy (yes you read right) for a high concentration of Retinol to help reverse the sun damage, treat ageing cells and keep hydration levels at their maximum. Heliocare 360 Airgel SPF50 will ensure maximum sun protection all year round.

We often end of our skincare emails with “remember to drink loads of water”. Well this month we’re changing the sign off. Please remember to have regular breast examinations and a mammogram once a year, if you’re over 40.

Have a wonderful month and look after those cleavages!

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