Skin SOS

Date: 31/08/2015

Author: Ingrid Katz (Pure Aesthetics)

The first rains have come, the blossoms are blooming and the air is filled with the fragrance of Jasmine. Are you ready to reveal your beautiful, glowing Spring skin; or are you still experiencing the wrath of the seemingly endless dry winter air? Perhaps a little S.O.S is required.

S.O.S is actually the International Morse code distress signal, but in more popular usage it became associated with Save Our Ship, Save Our Souls or Send Out Succour. For our purposes we shall refer to it as Save Our Skin!

We often forget that as the seasons change, our skins’ needs change. Just as we have a warmer winter wardrobe to protect our bodies from the cold, so our skin needs a little extra to protect against the elements. If you didn’t manage to make any changes early on in winter, you may be faced with an uncomfortable skin now – be it from dryness, sensitivity or dehydration.

We recommend a peel or facial treatment to remove dead skin cells, stimulate the skin cell turnover again and get the skin fit and healthy. A treatment at this time of the year will go a long way to ensuring the skin will not be negatively affected during the change of season we are about to go through. For some clients, changing their moisturiser to a lighter formulation may also be necessary as well as considering a booster treatment like the Optiphi HA Serum, QMS Collagens or the Dermaceutic Dermalift, to be used under your moisturiser. These will further boost the skins activity and hydration levels to ensure a balanced, strong and rejuvenated skin is revealed in the coming weeks.

An important factor to remember for seasonal changes is that a hydrated skin will cope better. This goes for ALL skin types and ages. Hydration (water) is KEY to ensuring our skins functionality is improved, especially during times of weather changes. Secondly, sun damage happens throughout the year and sun damage means that the skins foundation will start to crack. Sun screen is vital in your everyday routine.

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